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GGLS - Spy Tycoon is a free business strategy computer game. Main objective is to build private spy intelligence organization (agency) and become a Spy Tycoon.

So, you'll have to:
Buy a Mercedes. Hire an Agent. And a Secretary. Find a Lawyer. Get into plane. Travel around the world. Trade with weapons, state secrets, technologies. Build your private intelligence empire. Become a Top Spy Tycoon.

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GGLS - Spy Tycoon is a business intelligence strategy computer game. Your main objective is to build private intelligence organization (agency) and become a Spy Tycoon.
Your agency consists of: Director (you), Agency Stations ( established around the world to give you various information and make profit) and Agency Units (Escort Units that travel with president; Station Units which protect agency stations) .
Generally, your basic task is to travel around the world, trade weapons, information, technology and mercenaries), hire units for agency protection and establish agency stations.
The world isn't a peaceful place. Countries can have various status: war, political instability, civil war, cold war and sanctions. This is not bad for intelligence business, and you should consider country political situation in order to find best place to trade goods and hire spies, lawyers and combat units.

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Establish Agency stations. Make maximum profit. Search and Destroy.
Find and Rescue. Rob the Banks.
Enjoy the life.
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"Tycoon computer game is computer game with name containing the word 'Tycoon'. Game is generally a business simulation game and revolve around creating and running some business, thus becoming a 'tycoon'.

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A tycoon, sometimes referred to as a mogul or industrialist is a person who controls a large portion of a particular industry and whose wealth derives primarily from said control. Such people usually amass substantial fortunes or political power in the process, and tends to become widely known within society in connection with their industry, or through other pursuits such as philanthropy."

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Spy Tycoon Computer Game
Downloadable Tycoon Game

FREE Downloadable Tycoon Computer Game Demo (6.1 Mb)