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Airline Tycoon

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Airline Tycoon

Airline Tycoon is a downloadable Tycoon Computer Game, in which you must successfully manage an airline. The original was developed by Spellbound, and published by Infogrames, however, the succeeding versions were published by a variety of publishers. The original Airline Tycoon Computer Game was created for Microsoft Windows, however, the later Deluxe version also supported Linux and Mac OS X. In this game, like all Tycoon Computer Games, the objective is to become a tycoon, and in this case, an “Airline Tycoon.” This is achieved through the balance of income and expenditures.

Developer Spellbound
Publisher Infogrames
Monte Cristo First Class, Evolution
Spellbound Deluxe for Windows
Demo Release date 1998
Deluxe: Oct 2003
Genre Simulation
Mode Single Player, Multiplayer
Technical specifications
- Windows: 9x/ME/2000/XP or Linux 2.2 (with Glibc 2.1) or Mac OS X 10.2
- Pentium 90 or G3/4/5 350 MHz
- 16MB RAM
- 25-500 MB free HDD space
- CD-ROM Drive
- 3D card not required

A tycoon computer game where the player acts as a manager of a large airline, competing against three other tycoons. The player must keep aircraft in good condition and equip them at such a level as to keep the customers satisfied, buy new planes (from the expensive Airplane Agency or from Mr Schlauberger at the museum who fixes them up and then sells them at a much lower cost) and take out bank loans if required. The player must also manage their personnel, plan flights, buy fuel, attend meetings in the airport manager's office and, if there is the time, slip into Rick's café for a quick cup of coffee. There is lots to explore and many decisions to make. The graphics are bright and decidedly tongue in cheek: the tycoon Igor Tuppolevsky has a set of Russian dolls on his desk--and an open tin of caviar.

With a network, up to four people can play at once and the game status can be saved (as it can in single-player mode) for long battles of wit.

Demo Releases
A. Tycoon Computer Game, 1998
A. Tycoon First Class Computer Game, 2001
A. Tycoon Evolution Computer Game, 2002
A. Tycoon Deluxe Computer Game, 2003

The original game demo was released in August 1998 in Germany. It wasn't released in any English-speaking country, however there was an official English demo.
The first Airline Tycoon title to be released in USA and the UK was A. Tycoon First Class game. It was published in 2001 by Monte Cristo, however the publisher decided to remove First Class subtitle from the game box and manuals, however it still existed in the game. Features added in First Class include 10 brand new missions, multiplayer mode with up to 4 players, new MIDI music, cargo transportation and more.
In 2002, Airline Tycoon game Evolution, second A. Tycoon game rerelease was published by Monte Cristo. The game introduced 10 new missions, possibility of buying self-designed aircraft (and possibility of sharing these planes via Internet), possibility of hiring aircraft security agents, 5 new sabotages and more.
In 2003, Spellbound released third A. Tycoon demo addition, named A. Tycoon computer game Deluxe. It included all of previous versions, the only new part of the game was 20 new airports and possibility of accepting cargo from remote estates. Originally it was released in limited edition of 5000 items. It was available only in Germany, though it wasn't translated into other languages. However, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X versions released in Autumn 2005 and Winter 2006 by RuneSoft are available in English, German and French.

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