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Deep Sea Tycoon

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Deep Sea Tycoon

Tycoon computer game is a computer game whose name contains the word "Tycoon". Game is generally a business simulation game and revolve around creating and running a particular business, thus becoming a "tycoon".

The term "tycoon games" does not necessarily mean a single coherent genre, nor the products of a single game publisher.

A tycoon, sometimes referred to as a mogul, tycoon, or industrialist is a person who controls a large portion of a particular industry and whose wealth derives primarily from said control. Such people usually amass substantial fortunes or political power in the process, and tends to become widely known within society in connection with their industry, or through other pursuits such as philanthropy.

Examples of well-known magnates include newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst of the Hearst Corporation, oil magnate John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie of US Steel.
In Russia and some other post-Soviet countries, the term "business oligarch" became popular

Deep Sea Tycoon

Developer Anarchy Enterprises
Publisher Anarchy Enterprises
Release date November 7, 2003
Genre Economic simulation game
Platform PC
System requirements Windows 98 or higher, DirectX 9, 175MB free hard drive space, P350, 16MB Video Card
Input mouse, keyboard
Deep Sea Tycoon is a computer game "from Anarchy Enterprises and Unique Entertainment", released in 2003. This game involves you build an underwater city in 3D.

1 Sea Life
2 The City
3 Tourism
4 Bank Loans
5 Story and Single
6 Trivia

Sea Life
A sea can't be a sea without sea animals so you'll be seening a lot of whales, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, octopodes, and, if you choose the disaster option in the terrain window, a giant squid. Sea life can also be created by you. All of the animals above, excluding squid, can be created with a certain building. But wait, there's more! If a cloning facility is unlocked and placed in the city, creatures from prehistoric times can be created! That's right, pleasiosaurus (sea monster) can be cloned from fossils!
The City
Before you can create any other building besides the home base, is to build a home base. Many building are unlocked after placing another building and firing it up. All buildings must be connected to each other by using an air tube that links to a building by their round doors, or by placing buildings side by side.
People will visit your city by a submarine, but first you must build a docking bay, create one or more subs, build a visiter center, a motel or hotel, then just let it go from there. But remember, certain characters, buildings, and sea life can affect the tourism.
Bank Loans
Bank loans can be accepted from the market window. Loans can help you if you are low on money, but they give you 50000 dollars and make you pay back 80000 dollars. Only deeper in debt...
Story and Single
At the new game page, there are more choices than sandbox (Explained from sealife to bank loans) and those are Story and Single. In those two choices, you must complete every thing in one box to unlock a secret level.
When building something, you can see fire shooting up from the 'Under Construction' sign, but it's under water.

Deep Sea Tycoon is a Tycoon computer game download demo.

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